Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Are You Minding the Gap?

This blog post was inspired (i) by a tweet by Gary Vaynerchuk tonight where he said "If we all did what we loved to do for our careers I have a feeling everyone would be "RICH" . By this he meant "RICH" = "HAPPY" and he did have to clarify for some people. My response to him was "it's the gap from here to there that scares most away from doing what they love"

Then I started to think that this is what prevents many people from doing what they really want to do. As if the fear of the unknown future of that change was far greater than the unknown future of whatever role you are in now. And of course if you have ever been to London and taken in the Tube, you'd be familiar with the phrase "Mind the Gap" (I had to find a video to embed).

The gap there is worrisome. You could fall onto the rails and get crushed or electrocuted, or something worse. It would be nasty and yucky or both.

Of course getting to where you really want to be is neither of those.

So what's holding you back?